Your body weight is at least 35 kg and does not exceed 120 kg.
You are required to wear a safety helmet during the tour. This can either be provided by Segway Adventure Tours or may be brought along by yourself.
Safety induction is mandatory. It will be held daily before every tour and is included in the duration of the tour.
With your signature below you accede compliance and acceptance of the conditions of participation and the regulations concerning safety and liability listed below.


You will participate in the introduction concerning the handling, driving and safety regulations. These include:
The functioning of the SEGWAY and InfoKey, stepping on and off, accelleration and decelleration, steering left and right.
During the ride you will not step off and leave both feet firmly on the SEGWAY platform (the sensors at the base need to be permanently pushed).
Flashing red lights and vibrations of the platform require immediate aborting of the ride and the SEGWAY is to be stepped off.
If ignored, these signals will lead to automatic deactivation. Please stop and step off the SEGWAY in order to use a camera. It is not allowed during the ride.
Please keep both hands firmly on the handle bar. Only when turning please signal with you hands as with cycling.
Tailgating is prohibited and minimum distance of 3 meter between two SEGWAY is required. In addition, two SEGWAY are not to be ridden next to each other with less than 1 meter distance.
Rough surface, damaged roadway or obstacles, such as bikes or pillars, need to be looked out for and avoided. Please do not drive thorugh potholes, saltwater or puddles.
Please be careful when approaching curbs or similar obstacles and do not attempt to drive over these. This might lead to falling.
If in doubt please stepp off the SEGWAY and pull it across the obstacle.
Follow your guide in the speed and path indicated by him. The guideā€™s directions and instructions are to be followed and, if ignored, may lead to immediate abortion of the tour. The participation fee will not be returned in this case. The same procedure applies to suspicion of drug or alcohol influence.

Please avoid hazadous behavior such as riding next to each other, slalom, tailgating, speeding, driving backwards or turning close to another SEGWAY (closer than 1m).
Please drive carefully and tread the SEGWAY with care. This is in your own and Segway Adventure tours mutual interest.
Should you not act in accordance with these listed points, ignore the instructions given by the guide or damage the SEGWAY through your own driving error, you will be held liable for the damage and possible opportunity cost of non-usage during repair (this will sum up to at least 150 Euro).
If you would like to purchase insurance against such cases, you may do so at the start of the tour.
Upon completion of the tour the SEGWAY is to be returned to the guide representing Segway Adventure Tours.
You are not permitted to forward the SEGWAY to a third party or another person.


Usage of the SEGWAY and participation in the tours are at your own risk and peril.
Participation is only permitted to those that fulfill the participation requirements and agree to the safety regulations as well as the disclaimer of liability with no restrictions and sign this document accordingly.
Segway Adventure Tours is not liable for damage that occurs during the Segway tours, ecspecially resulting from missuse of the SEGWAY. Damage resulting from the actions of the Segway Adventure Tours employees is excepted from this.
This excemption is not applicable for injuries to the body, life or health as well as damage resulting from violation to the cardinal duty on the side of the Segway Adventure employees.
Every participant carries full penologic and civil responsibility for any pecuniary damage as well as damage to persons or property resulting from the participants usage of the SEGWAY.
It is not permitted to use the SEGWAY when under the influence of alcohol or otherwise intoxicated. It is also not permitted to those with bodily effects.
Pregnant women and persons with heart problems as well as high blood pressure are clearly discouraged from participation in a SEGWAY tour.
When using the SEGWAY the instructions from Segway Adventure Tours are to be followed.
Segway Tours is not liable for any damage when the instructions from Segway Adventure Tours or their employees are not followed, regardless if this damage is resulting from personal or third party negligence and whether it is due to an accident or incorrect use.
With my signature I accept the terms of agreement concerning conditions of participation as well as liability as stated overleaf. I accede that I have read and understood them.